Must-Attend Sessions at the Vancouver Heat Pump Symposium

Are you ready to explore the future of HVAC? Join us at the Vancouver Heat Pump Symposium on May 30th at the Vancouver Convention Centre, hosted by HRAI. We’ll be there all day, not just attending but also exhibiting! Here’s a guide to the sessions that will give you the inside scoop on industry trends and innovation.

Opening Keynote: The Decarbonization Challenge and the Role of Heat Pumps

Bryan Flannigan’s session is necessary for understanding the market dynamics and regulatory environment that could shape your business strategies. This overview sets the stage for what’s coming in building electrification.

Policy Panel: Policies and Programs in Support of Decarbonization and Heat Pumps

Gain insights from Karen Tam Wu and other policy experts about integrating heat pump technologies in government plans. Knowing upcoming policies can help you tailor your business to meet new standards and take advantage of government incentives.

Technical Sessions

These shorter sessions will provide practical insights for your HVAC toolbox:

Fuel-Switching Hydronic Systems with Air-to-Water Heat Pump: This “from old-to-new” session will broaden your tech horizons and show how adapting these systems can meet consumer demands for sustainability.

Geoexchange: Why is the Best Cold Climate Heat Pump So Underappreciated? Get the lowdown on the underdog of heat pumps – geoexchange systems. Understanding that geoexchange systems can differentiate your service offering gives you an edge in markets favouring sustainable solutions.

Turn Your Wastewater into Opportunity

This innovative session on using wastewater for energy efficiency could open up new service avenues for your business, making it a key draw for innovative contractors.

Lunch Keynote: How Government and Industry Can Collaborate to Reduce GHG Emissions in Homes and Buildings
Hear from The Honourable Josie Osborne on collaborations that could benefit your business, especially in leveraging government programs for energy-efficient technologies.

Panel Discussion: Identifying and Addressing the Challenges to Heat Pump Transition

Understand the real-world challenges of heat pump technology adoption from industry leaders with insights from Klayton Gonsalves and Jacqueline Spray. This panel is invaluable for effectively preparing your business to handle technological and market shifts.

Afternoon breakout sessions and industry panels focus on ensuring a skilled workforce to install heat pumps and make a business out of heat pumps. The closing keynote, Conquering the Cold, shares lessons from the Swedish zero-carbon living blueprint.

We’re excited to connect with our fellow HVAC professionals and share our expertise at our exhibit. Be sure to drop by our booth 407 to network and gather insights that could drive your business forward. Mark your calendar and get ready to be inspired. 

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