Talking to Customers About Financing: Tips for HVAC Contractors

We understand that many HVAC contractors hesitate to discuss financing options with their customers. HVAC problems can often arise unexpectedly and catch homeowners by surprise at an unplanned expense. HVAC contractors can ease the financial stress this can sometimes place on homeowners by offering financing. 

Here’s how you can help ease a customer’s budget strain: Introduce financing options to your customers with our Residential Dealer Program (ERDP). This program offers financing solutions to help HVAC contractors like you expand your business, close more deals, and deliver excellent customer service.

Start the conversation early 

Be sure to mention financing before the end of the sales pitch. Introduce the option early in the conversation. For example, when discussing the scope of work and the benefits of different HVAC systems, casually mention that you offer flexible financing options to help manage the costs.

Example: “This high-efficiency HVAC system will significantly lower your energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. And to make it easier for you, we offer flexible financing options so you can spread out the cost over time.”

Emphasize the benefits

Highlight how financing can make the project more affordable and less stressful. Explain that funding allows them to enjoy the benefits of an upgraded system without a large upfront payment. Mention any available low monthly payments, interest rate buydowns, and deferred payment options.

Example: “With our financing plans, you can install this top-of-the-line HVAC system now and make low monthly payments. We have options like 0% interest for up to 60 months or deferred payments for up to a year.”

Address common concerns

Reassure HVAC contractors that the financing application process is straightforward and approvals are quick. Financeit, our financing partner, offers an application process designed to be simple. Decisions are made within seconds, on-site or at the customer’s convenience. This ease of use should instill confidence in contractors when discussing financing with their customers.

Example: “The financing application process is quick and easy. We can do it right here, and you’ll get an approval decision in just a few minutes. This way, you can enjoy your new HVAC system without delay.”

Tie in rebates and promotions

By combining the financing discussion with information about available rebates and promotions, you can further reduce the overall cost for your customers and make the offer more attractive. This makes the project more affordable and helps your customers save money upfront and over time with rebates on energy-efficient systems. This can be a significant selling point, especially for customers concerned about the project’s initial cost.

Example: “Not only do we offer flexible financing, but you can also take advantage of rebates on certain high-efficiency systems. This means even more savings while upgrading to a better HVAC solution.”

Use real-world examples

Share inspiring success stories or examples of other customers who have benefited from turning to financing options. This can help normalize the option and make contractors more comfortable considering it. By seeing the potential of offering financing options, contractors can feel inspired to take this step.

Example: “We recently helped a customer upgrade to a new energy-efficient system through our financing program. They were able to start enjoying the benefits right away and appreciated the manageable monthly payments.”

Getting started

Joining our ERDP program and offering financing options to your customers is straightforward. If you’re not already part of our Residential Dealer Program, simply fill out our quick application on our website. Once your application is approved, you can start offering flexible financing options to your customers. This will help you close more deals, build lasting relationships with happy customers, and watch your business grow.

Curious about Financeit? Here’s how it works:

– You can offer your customers low monthly payment plans and get real-time approvals directly from your mobile device. The process is designed to be fast and efficient.

-Obtain quick credit decisions on-site, allowing you to move forward with projects without delay.

-You will receive the full purchase amount in your bank account when the job is completed and your customer signs off on the installation.

-Customers can spread their payments out over time with monthly, biweekly, or weekly options, making managing their finances easier.

-Offer lower interest rates to fit within your customer’s budget, making higher-end equipment more accessible.

-Provide 0% interest plans for 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.

-Allow customers to defer payments and interest for 3, 6, or 12 months, easing the financial burden during the initial period.

One significant advantage of our financing partnership is that Financeit’s services are free to HVAC vendors. There are no transaction or membership fees, making it a cost-effective solution for your business. Optional promotional programs may have associated costs but are designed to enhance your offerings and attract more customers. This means you can offer financing to your customers without incurring any additional expenses, making it a win-win situation for you and your customers.


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