Explore the Benefits of our Residential Dealer Program

Growing your business in the competitive HVAC industry can be tough, but at ECCO Supply, our Residential Dealer Program (ERDP) is designed to make things easier for contractors. In this blog post, we’ll break down the key parts of our program, including our dealer growth rebates, incentives for new dealers, consumer rebates, and financing options—all tailored to help you build your business.

Our Dealer Growth Rebates

Our Dealer Growth Rebate is a big part of our ERDP. It rewards dealers like you for increasing sales year over year. If you hit certain sales targets, you’ll get rebates at the end of the year. This means the more you sell, the more you earn, helping you grow your business and provide quality products to your customers.

Our New Dealer Program

This program will boost you if you’re a new Armstrong Air or Napoleon HVAC dealer working with us. For the first two years, you’ll get rebates on Armstrong Air, or Napoleon HVAC MBUs sold to put more money in your pocket. This helps new businesses invest more in growing while keeping overhead costs manageable.

Our Consumer Rebates

To help you increase customer loyalty and retention, we offer rebates on certain products you can pass on to homeowners. These rebates make our high-quality HVAC products more affordable for customers, which can help foster trust in a long-term customer relationship.

Our Co-Op Marketing Funds

Dealers earn up to 3% in co-op funds based on previous year’s sales that they can put towards marketing initiatives like wrapping their vans, branding their clothing, and advertising. New customer to ECCO Supply with no sales history? No problem. You can start with conversion funds to help change your branding to Armstrong Air or Napoleon HVAC. Armstrong Air dealers can also (depending upon their dealer level) receive up to $2,000 towards a turnkey website, SEO, social media, and digital advertising.

Our Consumer Financing

We know big purchases can be a stretch for many homeowners, so through our partnership with Financeit, we offer flexible payment plans. This means you can close more deals by offering customers a way to spread out their payments over time, making it easier for them to say yes to upgrades and higher-value products.

Our Annual Dealer Trip

One of the most popular parts of the program is the annual multi-day, all expenses paid trip to a sunspot for our top dealers. If all the rebates, marketing support and service offerings don’t grab you, the dealer certainly incentivizes and rewards our top dealers for their commitment to excellence in sales.

In short, our ECCO Supply’s ERDP is built to support your growth in the HVAC market. By joining our program, you get more than just products—you get a partner invested in helping you succeed. Whether you want to expand your business or keep it running smoothly, our program offers valuable tools to help you achieve your goals.

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