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The Branch Manager is a management position which is responsible for the organized, successful and profitable operation of the Company’s Branch. The Branch Manager is part of ECCO Supply’s management team responsible for creating and maintaining a professional and well-run organization which is able to capitalize on new opportunities while meeting all the challenges of its existing business. All actions and decisions of the Branch Manager will be considered carefully with the intent of achieving company objectives including but not limited to sales, profit, and other company goals and objectives established by management from time to time including customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction.

Generally, the Branch Manager is part of the management team responsible for creating and maintaining a professional and well-run organization which is able to capitalize on new opportunities while meeting all the challenges of its existing business.


General Duties:

  • Responsible and accountable for all aspects of the Branch including, but not limited to, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Occupational Health and Safety;
  • Consistently providing superior customer service to ECCO Sales and Distribution customers so they will want to do repeat business;
  • Maintaining expert level product and industry knowledge required to fulfill the Employee’s duties and responsibilities as they relate to the HVAC industry through continuing education including seminars, training courses, and industry events;
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are followed by all ECCO Sales and Distribution’s Branch employees pertaining to customer service and technical support for our customers;
  • Working in cooperation with all of The ECCO Group divisions, including ECCO Manufacturing, ensuring the effective, efficient, economical and safe operations of ECCO Sales and Distribution;

Sales & Operations:

  • Aggressively pursuing new opportunities in the market to ensure ECCO Sales and Distribution’s prominence in both residential and commercial business;
  • Establishing and maintaining a first-class business relationship with ECCO Sales and Distribution customers;
  • Ensuring ECCO Sales and Distribution is provided opportunity in all large projects by maintaining a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with local engineers;
  • Overseeing the effective, efficient, economical and productive operations of the sales counter, point of purchase displays, and warehouse;
  • Regularly monitoring inventory levels to ensure stock does not become slow and non-moving;
  • Monitoring fill rates and percentage of orders shipped complete to our customers, making sure these are at best-practice levels;
  • Managing responsible labour levels to properly service our customers while being in line with cost effective budgets;
  • Overseeing and directing diligent inventory management, including regular cycle counting, spot-checking inventory involved in reported shipping/receiving errors, reconciling known discrepancies;
  • Leading, scheduling and planning for regular meetings with your branch personnel. These meetings should have particular focus on operations, sales, and safety;
  • Keeping the Division VP informed of all pertinent information via email, telephone or personal meetings regarding:
  • Customer concerns;
  • Requests for new product lines or service changes;
  • Competitor activities;
  • New trends taking place in the HVAC industry;
  • Significant safety infractions or near-misses;
  • Working with the Procurement Department to recommend changes in inventory levels, advise on slow-moving product; and coordinate product allocating when necessary;
  • Coordinating month end cut off;
  • Ensuring policy and procedures are followed pertaining to sales to ECCO Sales and Distribution customers;

Human Resources:

  • Ensuring periodic reviews of ECCO’s Branch employees and making wage and bonus recommendations to the Division VP for approval;
  • Recruiting and terminating ECCO Supply employees with the approval of the Division VP;
  • Ensuring that ECCO Branch employs the optimal number of qualified staff required to meet company objectives;
  • Conducting human resources planning to ensure that ECCO Sales and Distribution has several personnel options for future growth and succession;
  • Creating and maintaining a professional, energetic and enthusiastic workplace environment which aids in the recruitment and retention of exceptional high-performance employees while effectively promoting ECCO Sales and Distribution to our customers.


  • 3+ years’ experience in a supervisory role with any ECCO branch; and/or 5+ years’ experience in an Outside Sales or Operations position with any ECCO branch
  • Any experience in a Branch Manager role, Operations Manager role, or Sales Management role with any ECCO branch
  • A degree or college diploma in Administration, Business, Engineering or Management
  • Leadership experience either with ECCO or with any previous employer
  • Business acumen (sound judgment, managerial perspective and basic business understanding)
  • Applied knowledge and understanding of HVAC systems
  • Willingness to continually upgrade skills via education, coaching or other training opportunities

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