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Management Statement

ECCO™ recognizes and accepts the responsibility of providing adequate health and safety training to its employees.

ECCO™ requires proper investigation into all accidents, incidents, near misses and occupational health issues. This includes equipment and environmental damage, medical aid and lost time injuries.

Core Values and Objectives

As one of our core business values, ECCO™ is committed to achieving health and safety excellence throughout our entire organization. It is our belief that every employee is entitled to a safe work environment. Therefore, our health and safety program focuses on protecting our staff, our property, the environment and our customers from injuries and accidents.

Employees at every level, including management, supervisors and staff are all equally responsible and accountable for the company's overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary to achieve the level of safety excellence ECCO™ expects. Therefore, we are committed to continuous improvement, by utilizing our employees’ ideas and concerns in accordance with industry standards and best practices to at least meet, if not exceed, Provincial legislative requirements. MHSA Logo

ECCO's objective is an injury and accident free workplace. To maintain this high performance standard, ECCO's policy is to provide safe and healthy working conditions that follow effective control strategies and safeguarding practices. Through dedicated team work, we are responsive and proactive in pursuing this goal.



Eliminating the social and financial effects of injuries strengthens our business success. Since 2009, all our ECCO™ Alberta locations are COR-certified. A Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop a health and safety program that meet established Provincial standards. We were awarded our COR Certificate through Alberta Employment and Immigration and our Certifying Partner, the Manufacturers Health & Safety Association (MHSA).

As well, our BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, ECCO™ locations are acknowledged by WCB for having a low injury rate.