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For more than 60 years, ECCO has been the only sheet metal manufacturer and HVAC distributor to continuously offer training to many HVAC contractors. Course offerings are meant to enhance your efficiency, productivity and support proper installation procedures for continued success in your business. ECCO classes are structured so that the skills learned and the equipment used in each class closely match the need of real-world job sites. Our uniquely qualified ECCO Supply instructors and vendors’ trainers offer years of industry experience.

ECCO Supply courses are offered year-round, with new classes added frequently. Keep checking back for a class that works best for your schedule or ask us about our custom training options.

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Armstrong A97 Gas Furnace Installation Module

DURATION: 2 HRS In this training module you will learn: how Modulating Gas Furnaces have different installation requirements than single or two stage equipment and why; Product Features and Advantages; Furnace positioning; Furnace Vent System sizing and terminations; Condensate System piping procedures; Converting to Propane; Line voltage & low voltage connections; and Commissioning procedures.

Armstrong Air A97 Troubleshooting Procedures Module

DURATION: 1.4 HRS In this training module you will learn: Sequence of Operation; How to read manifold gas pressure on a modulating furnace; Testing for proper ground; Troubleshooting an ECM 3.0 Blower motor; Combustion testing and acceptable values; and Calculating CFM

iFlow Technical Training Webinar

DURATION: 3 HRS This technical training session is about the most advanced Hydronic Furnace on the market providing your customers with up to 30% energy savings over the highest efficiency gas furnaces while reducing their carbon footprint. What is included: • Sequence of operation • Controls Overview & Features • Wiring • Built-in Zoning Capabilities with WiFi • Heating Source Options