April 2022

NorAire Air to Water Heat Heat Pump System
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At 300%+ efficiency, the NorAire Heat Pump Boiler and Eco-Air Gen 2 Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump provides one of the most economical ways to supply heated water to your radiant floor heating system. Heating Only models are available to supply radiant floor systems and can also supply 100% of the domestic hot water when coupled to an indirect tank.

The NorAire Heat Pump Boiler/Chiller models are designed to produce hot or chilled water for heating and cooling applications.

Combining an Eco-Air Inverter heat pump and NorAire patented WarmFlo® technology with an optional built-in modulating backup electric boiler ensures reliable performance throughout the year.

The NorAire Heat Pump Boilers are eligible for rebates and are exempt from PST in BC! Take advantage of this amazing product while saving money on your purchase. We also offer online invoice payment through our website. Sign up below to speak with our sales team and purchase your NorAire Air to Water Heat Heat Pump System today! 

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