September 2022

Napoleon Hearth & Continental Fireplaces 2x Points
Buy any Napoleon Hearth or Continental Fireplace during Sept 2022 and get 2X the ECCO Rewards Points on every dollar spent.

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ONLY IN SEPTEMBER, get 2X ECCO rewards points with all:

NAPOLEON HEARTH FIREPLACES  – Available Only In BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Medicine Hat Branches
CONTINENTAL FIREPLACES  – Available Only In Alberta Branches, NOT Medicine Hat Branches

Electric, Gas, Wood Fireplaces & Stoves

At ECCO, we are committed to helping customers succeed:

  • Get prizes faster
  • 2 TIMES ECCO Rewards
  • Fireplaces in all shapes & sizes
  • Rustic & efficient wood burning options
  • Wide variety from contemporary to traditional styles
  • Flexible modern design and fuel types allows for multiple fireplaces in the home

Give your customers the best product and get a reward for yourself.

ECCO Reward Points Prize to Redeem
25,200 Golf Town: $100 Gift Card
35,280 Oakley Beta Sunglasses
110,670 XBOX Series S 512GB Console
151,200 Husqvarna Chainsaw

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Please note: Promotions may change without notice. ECCO Supply™ does not guarantee that products mentioned in promotions will be available at all branches. This document is meant to be used as an informative tool. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

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