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New generation of units added to the Lifebreath commercial line-up.

The 700 and 1200 series of Commercial units were redesigned to offer an array of updated features to ensure a smooth installation process and ease of future maintenance.Spiral Elbow

The redesigned units offer:

  • Lifebreath’s patented aluminum HEX core

  • Dual access doors for easy access 

  • Field reversible option 

  • Blowers slide in and out for easy service

  • Unit dimension changes

  • New parts material to ensure a long unit life

  • Optional high efficiency MERV 8 filter

The updated units include: 700 FD/DD, 1200 FD/DD, 700 POOL and 1200 POOL.

Commercial Sales Sheet (PDF)

Contact your ECCO Supply™ Sales Representative for more information and prices.